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About Me

Hello everybody,

My name is Taha. Studing business administration and living in Hong Kong. I would like to talk about what is my purpose or goal about writing this blog.

My purpose is to share my learning mandarin journey. This is actually my main goal. I've gotta say, I've been learning this language for 2 years, still have long way to go, but I'd like to share my experiences.

I can imagine all the difficulties you guys are going through. And I would like to show there is nothing to be afraid of.

Because I've been there before.

If I need to talk about myself I studied simplified chinese for 2 years, after that I would like to improve myself in traditional chinese which is called cantonese.

As you all know asian countries' economy on rise and shrinking european economy caused people to head for asian countries. This situation forced people to learn this countries' languages and made learning this language more significant.

For me I communicated with others in english so far when I need to. I think when I became grown enough, I understood the importance of chinese language.

I see a lot of people are willing to learn asian languages. Even if there are really good sources on internet, I would like to create my own resources in this blog to help people's language development.

These people also gave me the idea of writing this blog.

What I Target Here?

For chinese learners, I would like to create free resources. Not only this, I wanna improve my chinese also.

I would like to make sharings for those who are interested in asian culture especially for chinese culture.

I would like to write about what I saw, experienced or where I traveled in china. Along with this, I wanna write my mandarin diary here.

I wanna write about the places for those who are willing to have holiday in china.

I wanna share the language schools and inform about language courses for students.

For those who are gonna live and work in china, I'd like to write about china life to make them get used to their new life quickly.

After Improving Myself In Chinese

If we just talk about people in my classroom, I made really great friendships from all over the world.

Gave me the oppurtunity of finding better jobs.

I got job offers from people that I met in my flights. I met with people who wanna accomplish something in their business life. I collected business cards. 😀

I met with people who don't believe that I know this language.

Contact Me

You can contact me for any reason or to ask question. You can mail me or you can use social media accounts to reach me. And also you can use the contact section on the right top to reach me.


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