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Practising Language is So Easy Anymore | About HelloTalk


Hello Everybody again,

In my last post we were discussing about possibility of learning chinese without taking any course. Do you remember my answer?
If you follow the right steps and use the right resources, that's quite possible.
If you did not read yet, you are the one of the people who don't know How to Learn Chinese Easily  .

Today I would like to talk about another problem that we can encounter while learning language.

When we try to learn language at home, there appears some difficulties. For example, If you learn chinese at home, probably there will be no one around that you can practise this language.

Now I will teach you how to overcome this problem with mobile app.

This mobile app won't be useful only for chinese learners, this is the app should be downloaded to the phones by all the language learners.

I am talking about HelloTalk

About HelloTalk

Finally, learning and practicing another language is easy.
I quoted this sentence from their official website. Because this app works exactly as they said.

Did you know that you can make friends in this app from more than 100 countries which make more than 100 native users.

When you find someone who is native in language that you wanna learn, keep it mind that those users also want to learn your native language.

It is simply that you need to teach and practise your native language with those users also.

What Can We Use For This Mobile App

You can make foreign friends. Tap the add friend button in your mobile phone or create a group chat or join to a group to have more fun.

You can use this app like social media. When you start to use this app, you'll realize many people share photographs to get more like and comment or to keep their popularity higher. You'll meet with interesting people.

You can teach a language. Don't forget that the person you'll be texting with, will have an expectation to get your help about improving the language that you are in native.

You can practise language. Using voice call or video call in this app, you can practise the language that you are trying to learn .


A few tips

Do you know that people have a limited internet access in China? Therefore, they don't have an access to any social media like skype, whatsapp, facebook, twitter.

But there is an popular mobile chat application in China similar to whatsapp. That is called WeChat.

In HelloTalk, you can face some premium memberships issues. For example, you can't make limitless word translation.

Sometimes you'll have to translate words and after a while application will give you warning. 

That is one of the problem you can encounter in this app. 

Of course this problem will appear when both user don't know common languge to communicate.

My suggestion would be, download the WeChat mobile application to your phone and ask your friends to add them in WeChat. Thus, you can keep doing things what you can do in HelloTalk. No one will ask you premium membership there. 

WeChat makes great translation that even if you would be texting to one another in different languages, you will face no problem. This app also won't put any limit for anything.

My second suggestion is choose your native languge english, even if your native language is not english.

Perhaps english learners will be much more than your native language so, you'll be able to reach more people. 

My Last Words

My opinion is if you have determination, it is not difficult to learn any language in today's world.

Remember! Learning a language means learning a culture too.

Good Luck in this adventure then!


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