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How to Learn Chinese Easily | Here's the Guide


Hello Everybody,

In my first post I would like to share your chinese guide before you start learning chinese. Because I know a lot of people want to learn chinese and they don't know where to start. And also some of them very confused as to whether memorizing characters significant or not.

Don't worry guys, in this post you'll get the answers that you need. I am gonna answer all your questions in your mind.

As I told you before I've went through all those problems.

Generally people who want to learn chinese are being confused. This is to sure nobody knows if taking course necessary or not for learning chinese.

Some people want to improve their chinese at home but they don't know the steps that should be followed.

To be honest, I don't know the answers of above-mentioned questions. For me improving chinese at home is possible. How is that possible?

If you follow the right steps and use the right resources, that's quite possible. Here question is what are the right steps?

Summary of the Chinese Word Structure

When you decided to learn chinese, there are some stuff to do before you start memorizing the words.

First thing is you should learn pinyin. Let me tell what pinyin is.
Pinyin is the Romanization of the Chinese characters based on their pronunciation.
That's right. You can learn chinese without memorizing the characters. Most people learn chinese with pinyin, and then they learn chinese characters. Here's the another example of pinyin.
Do you know I wrote "my name is Taha"? Can you read that? No? Haw about now?
Wǒ de míngzì shì ān tàihé
You can read easily now right? This is called pinyin.

Now you should learn the pronounciation of pinyin syllables. A chinese word consists of one initial plus one finals.

Chinese Initials:

b p m f d t n l g k h j q x z c s zh ch sh r y w

Chinese Finals:

a o e i u v ai ei ao an en ang eng ong in ing iu uo ou ie ve er un vn

Let's take the "" as an example. It is a chinese word. We mentioned about it when I created chinese sentence with pinyin above.

So, "w" is an initial and "o" is a final. They both are called syllable. And If we use this syllables together, we will form a chinese word. That's so simple right?

Here's the character of the wo -我 . Remember! If you want to read chinese books, you should learn chinese characters. Otherwise you can't find any book written with pinyin.

Every chinese character has meaning. If we use 2 or 3 characters in row, we can also get another meaning.  Here "wo" means "I or me". If we add “好(hǎo)” to the end of the word, we'll get the meaning of "I am fine".

Let me formulate again. A chinese word consists of one initial plus one final.
Chinese word =  initial + final
Now click the link in here. Pinyin Chart

If you click the link, you'll see a sort of table. Yes, this is called pinyin chart.

Let me explain how it works.

You'll see initials on the left of the table. There are finals on the top of the table. Pick a initial from left side of the table, and now pick a final from top of the table. You'll get a word.

I've gotta tell that those are all the sounds in chinese which should be known by chinese learners. Very limited right? All in one table.

Let's move on. There is one more thing you've gotta learn. We didn't talk about tones yet. The most important thing in chinese that we have to know. Because chinese is a tonal language. If you don't pronounce the tones, It won't mean anything and people won't understand anything at all.

In chinese there are 4 tones. If you reliazed there are signs above the letters. It shows you in which tone you should pronounce the word.

There is one more tone. It is called neutral tone. If we put it different way, this tone are tonless and there is no stress.

My Last Words

If you take chinese course, your first lesson will be learning pinyin and pronouncing the words right.

Actually the only problem that you can encounter here will be right pronounciation of the words. 

If you ask me, for this problem may need a professional chinese tutor.

But with the video lessons in youtube, I believe you can overcome this problem. 

With lessons that I will share here, you will be able to practice and learn the pronounciation of the words at the same time.

Keep following me.


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