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Start with Having Chinese Name | How to Get a Chinese Name?



I would like to talk about having a chinese name and the ways of having chinese name. Before we get into the topic, I would like to inform you guys about chinese culture.

Having learned chinese culture, you'll realize there are a lot of superstitions in china. Having chinese name, carrying that name, giving a name is a big burden of responsibility.

According to chinese belief, a person's name's meaning shows and reflect the character or personality of the giver of this name.

Some parents give name to kids whoever they want their kids to be in future. Some parents give name to kids to honour their ancestors. That's why in chinese culture having a good name depends on the meaning that name is carrying, not how it sounds.

Some change their name because carrying that name brings so much responsibility and they can't meet the expectations. 

For example, my chinese name is Ān tàihé and it means peace and prosperity. 

The person who gave me this name was my chinese teacher. I don't think my teacher gave my name once he met me. First he started to know his students  I think.

We can understand that from the meaning of my name, my teacher is pacifist according to belief in chinese culture.

My teacher was very qualified and respectful person. After I learned that belief, I started to respect him more than I do. 😁

Most of the time they try to give a name which has similar pronunciation with your name.

For example, someone, name is Julia, might have a name "Zhū​​lìyà" .

Another fact is most chinese have a western name.

If you ask to chinese people their name, probably you'll get an answer like my english name is ..... .

Why do chinese people have western name?

The reason is Modern China has more visitors and investors with its emerging market anymore. Also there is some difficulties of writing chinese name with latin letters and its accordance with latin alphabet.So, it is a solution. It is hard to keep chinese name in mind for foreigners too. 

In china people usually think for foreigners that they are american or english. But I don't know it is because of numerous people of those ethnics or not to know outer world.

How Can We Get Chinese Name?


If you are taking chinese course or willing to take chinese course, your teacher is gonna give you name there. If he did not, ask him to give you a name. 

Apart from this you can have chinese name different ways. In previous post we talked about a mobile app which can help our language improvement. You can have a name thanks to this app.

First find a chinese chat friend who can help your language learning, and then ask your partner to give you a name.


Mandarin Tools

Click the link below and just fill up the gaps. 

Get your own Chinese name based on your English name and find out your sign in the Chinese Zodiac! Simply type in your first and last name, select what kind of characteristics you want to be expressed in the name, select your gender, enter your birth-date and press "Get a Name!". Note that the namer will likely give a different name each time you use it.

Chinese Tools

Online translation of your name in Chinese. The majority of tools on the Internet that translate your name in Chinese, are only in relation to phonetics. Our Chinese name translator can translate all the names and surnames according to sex, but also the personality. The proposed name is limited to 4 characters to get a real Chinese name as is the tradition. Get your original Chinese name, different from others ...

Written Chinese

Here things work differently. You need to send e-mail after you provided your information. You can learn the details in link below.

My Last Words

I know you guys will want to have a name for some fun. But If you need a name for some serious stuff, I suggest you to get help from serious platforms. Because internet has full of trickery. 

I'll tell you about my father's having chinese name journey in next post.

If you already have a chinese name let me know writing comment below.

See you soon then.


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