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Start with Having Chinese Name | How to Get a Chinese Name?

I would like to talk about having a chinese name and the ways of having chinese name. Before we get into the topic, I would like to inform you guys about chinese culture.
Having learned chinese culture, you'll realize there are a lot of superstitions in china. Having chinese name, carrying that name, giving a name is a big burden of responsibility.
According to chinese belief, a person's name's meaning shows and reflect the character or personality of the giver of this name.
Some parents give name to kids whoever they want their kids to be in future. Some parents give name to kids to honour their ancestors. That's why in chinese culture having a good name depends on the meaning that name is carrying, not how it sounds.
Some change their name because carrying that name brings so much responsibility and they can't meet the expectations. 
For example, my chinese name is Ān tàihé and it means peace and prosperity. 
The person who gave me this name was my chinese…

Practising Language is So Easy Anymore | About HelloTalk

Hello Everybody again,
In my last post we were discussing about possibility of learning chinese without taking any course. Do you remember my answer? If you follow the right steps and use the right resources, that's quite possible. If you did not read yet, you are the one of the people who don't know How to Learn Chinese Easily  .
Today I would like to talk about another problem that we can encounter while learning language.
When we try to learn language at home, there appears some difficulties. For example, If you learn chinese at home, probably there will be no one around that you can practise this language.
Now I will teach you how to overcome this problem with mobile app.
This mobile app won't be useful only for chinese learners, this is the app should be downloaded to the phones by all the language learners.
I am talking about HelloTalk About HelloTalk Finally, learning and practicing another language is easy. I quoted this sentence from their official website. Becau…

How to Learn Chinese Easily | Here's the Guide

Hello Everybody,
In my first post I would like to share your chinese guide before you start learning chinese. Because I know a lot of people want to learn chinese and they don't know where to start. And also some of them very confused as to whether memorizing characters significant or not.
Don't worry guys, in this post you'll get the answers that you need. I am gonna answer all your questions in your mind.
As I told you before I've went through all those problems.
Generally people who want to learn chinese are being confused. This is to sure nobody knows if taking course necessary or not for learning chinese.

Some people want to improve their chinese at home but they don't know the steps that should be followed.
To be honest, I don't know the answers of above-mentioned questions. For me improving chinese at home is possible. How is that possible?
If you follow the right steps and use the right resources, that's quite possible. Here question is what are th…